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The challenge of the engineering manager

The engineering manager's role is to ensure the growth and technical development of software developers and to evaluate their performance. Failure in this role could lead to employee turnover, loss in productivity, and a toxic work atmosphere.

The cost of failure

The cost of replacing an engineer could be anywhere from 50% to 150% of their annual salary. A demotivated engineering team and a bitter working atmosphere can cost much more.

What engineering managers seek

Managers are looking for a solution that allows them to see what's happening with a developer and team by digesting vast amounts of existing data and turning them into a meaningful and actionable format.

Git analytics alone is NOT the answer because...

it takes too long to interpret

it's not clear what action to take

it can be weaponized

it can erode trust within your teams

What Sleeek provides

Sleeek is a solution that combines all the data from your essential dev tools. It provides more context, richer connections, and is easy to act on.

More context

Richer connections

Ease of use

Who we are



major projects

We are leaders and engineers from Japan and, over the last 13 years, have worked with big clients who have done extraordinary things! Our mission is to support and better the software development process.

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